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Who We Are


OVERLAY is the ever-evolving story of Christian O'Keefe and Michael Priestley.

By chance, we were assigned as semester-long partners in our college editing class. We met that day, not knowing that years of friendship and creative collaborations would follow.


Our specialties lie in the realm of branded content, music videos, and docustyle pieces. We’re fascinated by intimate human stories and their magical moments. We explore these stories with an energetic and restless style, transcending at times from grounded realism to dream-like fantasies.


As passionate people, we wholeheartedly believe in paying passion forward. It’s easy to become cynical, jaded, and burned out, which is why we developed our personal mantra, “sentiment wins.” We keep this in mind as we carry out all stages of production, from conceptualization to project completion.


The story of OVERLAY is one that feels so unlikely in retrospect. But the truth is, people all around the world experience one-in-a-million moments everyday. What are those moments?


Those are the stories we want to tell.

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